Hanna Beling


Hanna Beling and persian cat
Hanna Beling and persian cat


Throughout history, men have endlessly been portrayed on pedestals or gladly sitting on the back of horses. Of course, women have more rarely been portrayed in this way, not to mention the animals we share the Earth with.

Hanna Beling’s sculptural artistry deals with exactly this kind of missed out motifs. Her depictions of animals are precise and carefully executed and burst out of joy and deep fascination for all the mysterious creatures that populate our world.

The sculptural studies also carry thoughts on how we treat the animal’s original nature. Beling means that many animals are de-personified and de-sexualized especially cats and dogs. Guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits face the same fate.

Björn Springfeldt, the former Chief of Moderna Museet, writes:
Hanna Beling is unique on the Swedish art scene. Since the start, she has focused on sculpting animals and people. She has made the most accurate portraits of Astrid Lindgren and Margaretha Krook, the wax sculpture of her life partner Måns Müllner is a master piece.








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