Backstage: Act 1: I’ll just be myself


eventbild5The Duo FrifarareGrimborg – Act 1: I’ll just be myself

6 October – 4 November

You are a mirror reflection of your context. At the same time a reflection of yourself. A body, a surface, an imitation. Your body is a stage. A customized scenography. But what happens to the surface once it’s removed from the body. Distanced? Shifted?

Katarina Frifarare (b. 1989) and Lotta Grimborg (b.1988) met during their Bachelor at Konstfack 2012-2015. They share a common interest and fascination of the human body and its altering surface which led them to start the duo FrifarareGrimborg. They work separately but under the same roof and theme. Katarina is working with bodily masks and with materials that imitates the body surface. Playing with, and challenging, a human’s self-image. Lotta is investigating the feminine surface and the value in materials and colours related to the female body. At S.P Gallery they show an installation consisting of different objects where a shift has taken place. New bodies are created and distanced from the human body. To be or not to be. To show and to hide,.