All but Heaven


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Once upon a time it was decided that all the things that couldn’t be proven were to be bundled off away from science. Thus, our way of thinking and our  ability to create meaning based on beliefs, desires and dreams would remain an unexplored realm where nobody could say when, how or why meaning develops.

Now that Olle Borg returns to S.P.G for his second exhibition, All but Heaven, he will display paintings on aluminum as well as twelve works on paper for the series “Another blue day from the diary of Ms. Chance”.

In the series “Another blue day from the diary of Ms. Chance” there is an ongoing search for a deviation and an indication to arbitrarily generated patterns of dots. This is done in hopes of a confirmation that it is in chance that meaning can present itself.

The cube – the square, is all that is not in heaven. The circle has always exemplified the divine – heaven – and yet today we rejoice when the latest super computer manages to solve another decimal in Pi. This is done in a naïve belief that we’ve become

The exhibition runs until February 10th