Review in SVD by Håkan Nilsson 07.12.16

Review at by Peter Cornell 09.12.16

Review at by Susanna Slöör 14.12.16 


The title Calendar, lat. Calendae – the first day, originates from the verb calare – “to call out”. In the original moon calendar, calendae referred to the day when the new moon was first observed and “called out”. It’s also an ambiguous term that initially was more or less synonymous with chronology.

In painting as process, there is an immediacy that interests Christina Ekstrand and she continues to develop it in her work. She trusts her intuition through following different impulses and thoughts. Even physically, through the movements of the body, impressions and rhythm appear in the image.

There are different vulnerable states where the abstract arise as nature, as water, ground, earth and other vegetation. Ekstrand contemplates and follows this evolvement step by step in her work, nothing is predetermined in the painterly search for surface, depth and space. Time is present as layers upon layers of constructed surface of color, and one image evokes the other. A kind of happening that could be likened to a labyrinth or a riddle.

The images carry traces of dream-like or yearning places, condensed memories. When the painting in it’s final stage finds its right tenor, its sought-after voice, it gazes back at Ekstrand and the meeting is complete. The images could be seen as painterly mirrors of emotions, possibl for us to observe from the outside.

Calendar is Christina Ekstrand’s second solo exhibition at S.P.G. This time texts, pictures and impressions of Edgar Allan Poe as well as the essay Water and Dreams by the philosopher Gaston Bachelard have inspired her working process.

…It will only take an evening wind until the water that had stopped still speaks to us … It will only take a moonbeam, very sweet, very pale, for the ghost to walk again on the waves.

Gaston Bachelard – L’eau et les rêves