Cave in


“Cave in” means to subside, collapse or to submit under pressure.
It also describes Mikelis Lapsas’ capitulation to the surprises
and influences that painting invites you to explore.

The result, is a spatial implosion where different patterns, materials,
and techniques, together, create a geometric experiment in shape,
with several layers.

The work process began with an exploration period where different
materials and surfaces were investigated. The expression reached its
concentrated form during his residency on an uninhabited island in
the distant parts of the Åland archipelago. The conditions of this experience,
resulted in an intimate format, where the work came to resemble diary writings.

Lapsa has implanted a specificity in each work, while the paintings lock
together thematically. A detail in one painting represents a clue to the next.
Therefore, the voids between the works, as well as the overall picture
of the paintings seen together, bear meaning.

From the beginning, spatial awareness and set design have been central themes
in Lapsas’ painting. He has created rooms with a distinct shape and character;
a place for events to take place. But as the exhibition title suggests,
the rooms have now collapsed in their structures, and thus reach unexplored land.

Lapsa was born in Riga in 1982 and lives and works in Stockholm.
He has previously had a solo show at S.P.G. in 2012 and one at Körsbärsgårdens
Konsthall on Gotland in 201. He also participated in a group exhibition in the gallery,
during his studies at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm, where he graduated in 2011.

He has been awarded grants by the Karin and Gösta Rittner Scholarship Fund and the William Smith Scholarship.