Arijana Kajfes, Paulo Nenflido, Fredrik Norén & Noriko Yamaguchi

SPG & Mirai Projects present:



January 15th – February 12th 2011

SPG in collaboration with Mirai Projects/Jon Utterstrom is pleased to open the spring exhibition schedule with the group exhibition Concrete/Abstractions. Opening reception, 15th of January 1 to 5 pm. Many thank’s to: A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm, and MEM Inc., Tokyo.

Arijana Kajfes (b.1963) The work In the undistorted image of… is based on a text by 17th century philosopher René Descartes who examined the light passing through the human eye. In a discussion regarding the dubious relationship between the image and what is depicted, he speculated that the expectant mother’s visual impression could be induced undistorted as a birthmark on the baby’s skin.

Paulo Nenflídio (b.1976) creates gadgets and instruments in the boundary between sculpture, music and technology, emitting sounds in interaction with people and nature. In his work, Nenflídio explores dichotomies emerging in the relationship between developed and developing nations, fine and mass culture. The show features the work Berimbau Elétrico with complementary drawings.

Fredrik Norén (b.1979) processes surfaces and objects as symbols. Ordinary items from our close environment are transformed into forms without any clear function. The changes made within the objects and the result thereof, have a clear symbolic attachment to ourselves, our emotional patterns and/or the relation to our surroundings.

Noriko Yamaguchi (b.1983) primarily focuses on performance, photo and video. Through transformations in front of a camera or an audience, Yamaguchi explores the human body and the possibilities to technological and social changes. World premiere of the stop motion animation Tsuchitarashi (Soil Drooler). For further information and press photos, please contact the gallery.