Fields of orientation


We consider, imagine and find ourselves in different rooms. The bodily experience carries its own memories of the places we visit, while new emotional and cognitive fields unfold inside us. Based on our position, we orientate ourselves within the space and borders. 

Magnus Alexanderson’s paintings visualize these places; in his fourth exhibition at S.P.G. towards an even more abstract vision. Based on two different working methods and viewpoints, he has worked with fields as orientation as the title signifies. The exhibition presents ten new works, presented in the series Compass and Geography.

Compass consists of four oil paintings where Alexandersson’s distinctive method of painting diagonals, creates an illusory depth simultaneously leading the eyes in to and out from the canvas. Geography consists of six reliefs where a huge amount of wood pieces, that have been sown, grounded, painted and glued in place, make the gaze fall from above and navigate through the jumble that spreads out.

Alexandersson resembles his artistry with moving without apparent destinations. Although extended thought processes often make out the starting point, the movement that develops in front of him remains key; sketches and original ideas are constrained to the peripheral corners of his eyes. In Fields of orientation, Alexandersson leaves space for other spaces to either expand or get filled out. The only thing that has followed him from start to finish, is the desire to get lost in the wide spectrum of the blue color.