In Inställningar (approaches), Katarina Klingspor Ekelund continues her contemplation of the endless universe. In relation to the fixed limits of space and objects, the concept of “endless”, is confronted with specific boundaries.The meticulously crafted concept deconstruction of nature that Klingspor Ekelund has previously experimented with, recurs in the new series Exploration Of Another World, and is most evident in the piece Flower Field/Meadow. For weeks, the artist picked and pressed a vast meadow of buttercups, finally letting it re-emerge into a compressed cubic form.The destruction of our ingrained beliefs and concepts about the world (as a specific place and notion), is a recurring theme in Klingspor Ekelund’s works. What is first consciously razed down, is then rebuilt in a new order, or disorder.In the piece Lust, simple blocks of soil have been given the basic forms of the cube, triangle, cylinder and the rectangle – shapes that inspire building. In child’s play, blocks often grow into a tower. But, despite the patient building process, the result easily leads to demolition, and then, once again, the creation of a new tower. This also symbolizes the cyclical process that Katarina Klingspor Ekelund wants to draw attention to.In her earlier work, Explosion Of Another World, Katarina cut a world map, in its current standard form, into small pieces, and then reassembled it, piece by piece, but with land and water now mixed.Now the explosion is exchanged for exploration – the discovery of an new world. Shiny pieces of aluminum create fictitious maps and perspectives, through numerous new formations. The material reminds the viewer of clinical laboratory tools and thus emphasizes the experimental theme.By using recognisable forms, there is a transition from the larger to smaller maps. This creates a simultaneous acceleration to search for continuous opportunities and varied views of the world.The four large paintings entitled, Före och Efter (Before or After), are rendered in ink on canvas. From far away, the subject is perceived as a calm floating circle, but up close, an intense swarm arises – the paintings are made up of thousands of different colored dots. Despite the paintings’ flat surface, a spherical illusion is created.

Katarina Klingspor Ekelund was born in 1963 and lives and works in both Vaxholm and Stockholm. She was educated at Gerlesborg and Konstfack. She had her first exhibition at S.P.G. in 2012. She has also had solo shows at Tomelilla Art Gallery, Mors Mössa, Konstnärshuset in Stockholm, Anders Lundmark Gallery, and she has participated in group exhibitions at the Gothenburg Museum of Art, Market, Liljevalchs Spring Salon and Studio 44. In 2014, she also received the decoration mission at the Nya Handelsbanken in Linköping. Klingspor Ekelund is represented at the Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg Municipality, Public Art Agency Sweden and Örebro Municipality.

The exibition will run until april 18, 2015