The fragile and strong


S.P.G has the pleasure to present two artistry:
Their artistry do not really have so much in common. Ulla Wiggen is a painter, who works with acrylic and brush.
Hanna Beling sculpts three-dimensional. The choice of artististic combination was the physical and human
vulnerability in their works. One illustrates the inner world and the other the outer.
The exhibition Intra, is Ulla Wiggen’s artistic comeback. In the 1960s, her paintings, which also received
international attention, were based on circuit boards, computers, and electronic components.
It was shown in a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 2013. The paintings were created in the same
era as the project Experiments in Art and Technology, in New York.
Ulla Wiggen took part in Oyvind Fahlström’s “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” at that time.
The following year, she painted a series of portraits that placed her amongst photo realists,
like Ola Billgren and Jan Håfström.
At the SPG, she shows a new series of paintings where she turns her perspective from computers
and human external, to a hidden world of the body’s interior: Intra. She draws from photographs and X-ray
images of the internal body, which she combines freely, in a colourful, mysterious, and surreal object.
Is this portrayed on a micro level or in an astronomical space? The paintings of the human organs form
self-regulating cybernetic systems, like electronics, in her earlier paintings. In it, primitive organs reflect a
spiritual place and dimension.
HANNA BELING – The fragile and strong
S.P.G present for the first time, Hanna Beling’s sculptures of animals and humans.
Many of these animals have previously been cast in bronze for public places throughout Sweden.
This exhibition is presenting ten new works. It was a specific incident that inspired Hanna Beling
to begin work on kittens and other animals.
Hanna’s cat Katitzi gave birth to six kittens that Hanna helped deliver.
The next morning, she found two of them dead.This incident touched her so deeply.
Hanna thought for a long time whether she could have saved the two who died;
if she had fed and watched over them from the beginning, as she did with the others.
The fragility of life made a strong impression. There was also a strong personal reminder of Hanna’s
own experience of giving birth, prematurely, to her daughter, Tora.

The sculptures depicting various animals, such as a chihuahua, a pig, and a cat, each have a newborn offspring.

We, as viewers, do not know if the babies are alive or dead, perhaps they are just sleeping.
Hypnagogin is the boundary between wakefulness and sleep, and the foundation of this exhibition.
Even the boundary between life and death.
The other three works show Hannah’s daughter Tora as a premature baby.
The large sculpture is the upper torso of Tora, at 7 years of age. The piece measures 160 x 80 x 100 cm.
With this, Hanna shows unwavering vitality. The sculpture has technical finesse, with a technique that actually
makes the head move with delicate movements.

Most of the works are cast in silicone and a bronze.

Hanna Beling has regularly exhibited around Sweden, in various art galleries and museums over the years,
the last of which was in 2012 at the Katrineholm Art Hall and in Orebro.
The exhibitions will run until May 23