Latency… / painting




We carry our memories over time and space. What kind of traces does the past leave in us? We perceive the world through our senses, neurological processes support our consciousness with images. A signal needs to be picked up to be analyzed and understood – when this prompt process is over and our conception have been made, the moment has already passed, giving way for approaching perceptions.
In the exhibition Latency… Fredrik Landergren pursuits the fleeting conditions that occur in the temporalities of delay, that which is played out in between cause and effect. An act’s consequences are rarely immediate.

Landergren’s photo realistic paintings depict everyday scenes: people at home or in elevated landscapes, faces, still life on kitchen tables, sights from an airplane window, vacation memories, his own studio. The painterly process is methodological slow, the moments constituting his motifs have long passed when the works are finalized.

We are proud to present our first exhibition with Fredrik Landergren at S.P.G. His paintings were last seen in Looking for Ingmar at Bergmancenter, Fårö 2016. Landergren also paints portraits and has depicted a number of influential personalities in Sweden. He has produced numerous public decorations, e.g. at Fruängen sub-way station.