5.10.17 – 11.11.17

Katarina Lönnby My ouvre

S.P.G. is proud to for the first time present Katarina Lönnby in our inner room Backstage. The selected works range from different segments of Lönnby’s artistry and through painting, drawing and sculpture we come close to her distinctive imagery.

Lönnby finds no meaning in trying to describe her artistry; what she pursues in her creations won’t comply with the limitation of words – it carries a language of its own. In her view, an artwork resembles a dream, it tells us something but this very something is elusive and seems to constantly withdraw. As soon as we approach an interpretation it dissolves, and another one is to appear in its place.

Nonetheless, Lönnby’s works appear in front of us; her recurrent and timeless characters make themselves clearly visible and accessible for each and every one of us. But in the same way as reality is reflected in our dreams, art enters our inner rooms. Perhaps is this also how Lönnby’s fairytale-like imagery best is presented: both as the figurative artworks in the room and as the abstract oscillations in the viewer’s mind, constantly in motion.

Katarina Lönnby is educated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. For a ten ten year period she has frequently been exhibeted in different galleries in Germany. In Sweden her works have ben shown at ALP galleri Peter Bergman, Galleri Arnstedt, Gävle konstcentrum, Konstnärshuset amongst others. She has produced a number of public commissions, including decorations at Nya Karolinska and Östbergaskolan. Lönnby is also active as an author and illustrator and released the children’s book Luna in 2002.



>>>BACKSTAGE is the inner room of S.P.G and aims to present project-based art and artistries as well as selected work by the gallery’s artists.