Some Girls Wander By Mistake – JYRKI RIEKKI
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A group of works made on pages of old medical books creates the psychological spine of the exhibition. The subjects portray the spiritual and emotional experience of the restless soul.When these works are created they serve as spells and a form of ritual of psychic refuge for the artist. Since the creator of these intense pages don’t believe in the goodness of doctors, the working process serves as a self-medication and a redemption for the artist.The title of the exhibition is a fragment of lyrics from Leonard 
Cohen´s song “Teachers”.

This show affords a deeper understanding of Riekki`s long engagement with this method and technique and is shown in Stockholm for the first time. The exhibition also shows new paintings from the artist.This is Jyrki Riekki´s 4th show in the gallery.“Jyrki Riekki’s paintings are terrifically loud, energetic and furious. They are filled with critical power, alloyed with a genuine talent for painting. It is obvious that Riekki also works with performance, movements, exclamations and script. And beneath that script there lies a carnality that can be reminiscent of baroque painting. But cut and shaken up for our own brutal, frightening age; an age that Riekki ruthlessly continues to lambast in his three-dimensional objects, often with a streak of scorching black humour.” (Måns Holst-Ekström, Art critic)The exhibition will run until 27 July, 2015


The title of kael Lehrs exhibition is a mathematical formula that was viable in the late 1800´s. The idea behind this theory is to be found in Lehrs approach to his own art. Everything can be found or not found, it´s all about an idea and material to get the right expression. None of the objects or paintings has nothing to do with one another. One can say: ” It is the amount of disorder, 
or chaos in a system. “A measure of random tendency to go from order to disorder and confusion by growing with the passage of life. Whereever you look you might begin to see. The phenomenon through the passage of time with events that occur, like the simple pattern in nature. It is Mikael Lehr´s 4th exhibition in the gallery.The exhibition will run until 27 July, 2015