Tidevarv – KARIN ALSIN
Picasso’s eye



Time-lapse is an installation in three rooms.

Here, the objects of every day life are put into new contexts, and every part is equally important in their interaction with the whole.

From partially, seemingly random, found objects – Karin Alsin builds a puzzle-like installation with a minimalist appearance.
Here, every object is given their own space so that its intrinsic idea or thought emerges. It is given its own voice, and as well,
questions its audience as the object itself. Alsins’ items become primarily sculptural clean shapes, that further communicates with the room.
Spatiality changes so that new angles and corners reveals.  The objects often allude to sound, but are offering sincere silence.

Time-lapse is Karin Alsins’ third exhibition on S.P.G, where the artist earlier had solo shows in 2011 and 2009.
In Time-lapse previous themes are being developed further, through recurring objects such as the enigmatic puzzle piece or the dining tray,
with their familiar characters and materials. Here lies an introspective approach towards the world that the objects are reflecting.
The installations ultimately become stories about the different stages and meetings of life itself.

Karin Alsin, born 1969 in Gothenburg, Sweden, is based in Stockholm. She graduated from the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm
and from Hovedskous school for painting, in Gothenburg. In addition to solo shows at S.P.G 2011,2009.
Alsin has also been exhibited at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm,  Galleri Konstepidemin in Gothenburg and Kulturhuset in Stockholm,
to name a few. She has contributed with art in the public sphere in Hälleforsnäs, Sweden.
Alsin is represented among collections of the Public Art Agency Sweden, the Swedish Association for Art
and in the Cultural Committee of Gothenburg.



The gallery is pleased to once again present the original drawings by Owe Gustafson.

It will be his third exhibition at S.P.G

The book “Picasso’s eye” consists one hundred black and white images: photos, assembly and drawings.
Owe says – a photo gives an idea for a drawing, a drawing for a montage.
There are also allusions to famous works from art history, as well from Owe himself -important artists.

“Picasso’s eye” is produced digitally in fifty numbered copies.

“You write as  your draw. Are you choosy in its imagery, the writing becomes too briefly,”says Owe.
Owe has earlier been written five collections of short stories with mix image small words.
Gustafson has also made an illustrated haikubok although “haiku” means image.
“Picasso’s eye” has no lyrics, however, the titles in the content list will assist in the interpretation of the images.
Owe Gustafson was also previously issued: Cowardly men do not smoke (Carlsson Publisher 1994)
17 (JHB Publishers 2000) It’s snowing on my hat (Carlsson Publisher 2000)
The man who does nothing (Carlsson Publisher 2004 The Comeback (Carlsson Publisher 2011) with the release at SPG