Sounding void



Approaching a blank canvas equipped with tools such as color is neither easy, nor hard.

And neither will this last sentence fit into an explanation of how an abstract painting appears for Karin Granqvist.
It’s a physical process that takes place inside the room and hence also in the body, in the experience.
Choosing to draw yet another line precisely there, and then another one or many more, does not exclude that
all other possibilities still remain. To be there, knowing that everything is not yet explored and can be changed continuously.
The finished painting constantly carries different light. Another light occurs, sifted through the color from the inside
and out, and then reversed. Intuitive actions are often opposed to rational, deliberate logic.
Through intuition our views and perceptions of things get shaped regardless of evidence, proof or substantial facts.
It goes fast, one could say that intuition just happens. Therefore it is a difficult task to spot one’s intuition, temporally speaking
it is immediate. Nevertheless, this is what the strokes collected in Karin Granqvist’s paintings attempts
– to study the logic of intuition until it becomes logical. 
Sounding void presents an artistic circular move where an abstract way of thinking travels through theoretical grounds
in order then to return to an abstract language of form. Karin Granqvist is a member of the Royal Academy in Stockholm
and has been active in the Swedish and international art scene for more than 25 years.
She has done recent shows at Lilla Galleriet in Umeå, Galleri 1 in Gothenburg and Gåxsjö Kyrka i hammerdal.
Sounding void  is her second exhibition at S.P.G., but it’s her first solo exhibition in the gallery.
During the exhibition period, S.P.G will arrange an open conversation with the artist.
More info follows at and the facebook site.


S.P.G. is glad to announce that Henning Erlandsson will start working as a gallery assistant.
He is an active artist and is recently re-installed in Stockholm after a fine art examination from
Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Erlandsson is one of the driving forces behind the
mobile café and art platform Kafé Lilla Sorg and the fanzine Tungan.
He is also part of the collective house-project Siggalycke Folkskola in the south of Småland
and has lived and worked for some years in Malmö, where he also studied philosophy and music production.
In his every day life he gets stuck in time pockets, in which artistic processes might find their beginnings or meet their endings.